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katie // 22 // atlanta // INFJ


hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

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being 22 is like “i understand that eating hot cheetos at midnight is a bad idea, but i’m going to do it anyway.”


sometimes i cry when someone is especially kind to me. i love tacos. i’m equal parts terrified and excited to leave in a few weeks. my mama is my beautiful role model of what sacrificial love looks like. i sleep with six pillows on my bed. distance has gotten in the way of far too many of my friendships. i dream of walks with you in uptown during the twilight hour. i prefer skyping over talking on the phone. i’m absolutely positive that my dad gives the best hugs — the kind that assures you that you’re safe and things will be okay. i would like nothing more than to share a morning with you.

Sleepy forever, but can’t shut my brain off long enough to sleep.

Buhhh. Money/jobs/loans/boys.

How was your Thursday?